DJ Brennan's Elcho Island Artworks 1990 

Artist:  Gali Yalkarriwuy

Clan:   Gulpu

Moiety: Dhuwa 

Homeland: Galawinku Naypi - IA


Medium: Wooden Sculpture

Size: 54 cm x H9 cm wide approx

Based around the Morning Star Ceremony Man. A ceremonial dilly bag hangs from the head, feathers decorate the head and adorn the tassels hanging from the sculpture.

The artist, Gali Yalkarriwuy, at the time of presenting the sculpture to Desmond Brennan stated it was symbolic of the contract between Des and the Elcho Island artists for Des to represent and assist them with their "business" of arts.

The Conversation

Desmond J. Brennan, 1990, 

Gali Yalkarriwuy Painted for Ceremony.

Watercolour on Paper, 74 x 93 cm. 

In the Burkhardt-Felder Collection, Switzerland.

Two Cultures

Desmond J. Brennan,

Watercolour on Paper, 

Elcho Island Family

Desmond J. Brennan,

Watercolour on Paper, 

Elcho Island Giant Squid

Desmond J. Brennan,

Watercolour on Paper, 

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     11 Oct 2020 Djuki Mala Dance + 
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